First, it’s important to clarify your expectations to achieve your concept according to best marketing trends. I focus on your target clientele with the right tools for a perfect graphic layout. that shows your products and brand names to best advantage.

Business card

It’s an important tool to make a big impression on your potential business partners.It should be both simple and original.


Crucial marketing tool to promote your business and to market your products or services.


One of the most efficient a inevitable to report your events.


I carefully draw the shape of your industrial and architectural plans with a Computer Aided Design.


I draw with accuracy on my computer your patterns for clothes, hats or bags.

Operating manual

I realize an operating manual of your products as clear and precise as possible.

Work flow

1. First meeting to get to know about your objectives, services, clientele target and chosen design.Therefore I will make a quotation.

2. If necessary, I organize a photo shooting to get needed images.

3. I draw sketches on Illustrator&Photoshop to make our ideas become real.

4. I give a particular care so that my creations are compatible with the conditions of your printer.

5. The client is bound to pay after validating those subsequent stages.

Graphic Design - Studio Lazuli


To start with, we’ll talk about your purposes, services, products, your customer’s targets, your favorite design, design size, specific options, if necessary photo shootings… I’ll estimate the quantity of work that is required and you will get a quotation. I’m offering services at a very competitive and affordable price, however there is no flat rate package option. It’s a custom-made creation.


Operating manual






Business card


Q01. What kind of questions will be asked during our first meeting?
A01.Questions about your services or products, your project, the category of customers you want to target, your favorite design, design size, if photo shootings are necessary to get material… Here is a list of questions for the graphic design. You can answer it in advance in order to visualize your expectations at our first meeting. It can also save valuable time.

Q02. How can we organize the meeting?
A02. Being flexible I can go anywhere Paris and its close suburbs.
In case you are too far, it can also be done on Skype, Google Hangout or Line.

Q03. How long does it take until the graphic design is completed?
A03. It depends on the design you will have selected, the amount of total work… However a simple graphic design can be realized within 3 days.


Q04. What are the payment options?
A04. You can pay by cash, check or via bank money transfers.

Q05. Would you print out the graphic design ?
A05. Unfortunately no, I juste realize a design. Please demande the print operation in a printing shop.